Son et Lumiere: Volunteer Park Archeologies Volunteer Park Conservatory A sound and video installation by Dan Senn with Ken Slusher

 March 2001 .| DESCRIPTION .| Son et Lumiere: Volunteer Park Archeologies will be held at the Volunteer Park Conservatorium in of March in 2001 and continue for three weeks with the Over'lyre remaining in place permanently. Video monitors and kinetic instruments are placed amidst plants throughout the Conservatorium will continuously play a composition for voice, percussion, and moving audience. Spoken sounds will consist of plant and gardening experts divulging pre-chemical secrets of gardening, canning, seed gathering, and related life stories. These will be presented over 20 color and monochrome video monitors and act as a visual-spoken counterpoint to the light beating of Dan Senn's pendulum-based sculptural instruments. Interviews will be collected at the homes of regional gardeners in the fall of 2000. The installation will coincide with the opening of the Gardens of Art exhibit at the nearby Asian Art Museum and developed with assistance from the V. P. Conservatorium and the Friends of the Conservatorium. Admission to the exhibition will be free. |. MOTIVATIONS .| A goal of this project is to provide experimental art within contexts uniquely accessible to new audiences. As long time gardeners, both artists are interested and comfortable documenting the stories of gardening experts, but there is an ulterior motive; one which is based on the conviction that new, and risky art, if considerately placed, is especially understandable to those who work with their hands. And this defines one of our target audiences. By holding this exhibition cooperatively with the Conservatorium, the regular Conservatory guests will experience the new work, but it will also attract audiences interested the stories, or just in those being interviewed, and/or those interested in the sound, video and aesthetic aspects. Through a broader appeal, we expect the installation to be of mutual benefit to the Conservatory, community and to art world itself. |.|