Vertical Pendulyre with Prague Bubbles
Graphic Score (2007)
by Dan Senn

In the graphic score below, each block of pulses (the first example, in the upper left-hand corner, has 3 of these) represents about 20 seconds of time. For the Hillsboro installation, the sections are sampled randomly along with a set of bubbly interludes. The blue areas indicate subaudio tones as defined in the red area above. The black lines refer to the loudness of the waveform. Here and there, a lighter line is visible indicating a pan from 1 channel to another (this is clear in examples 13-16). The upper half of each graphic refers to the corresponding upper/lower pendulum line of the instrument.

Click to graphics enlarge and listen to a section......

The score for this installation is made of subaudible sine wave pulses and audible waveforms (bathtub bubbles recorded in Prague in 2006).

Following is a general description of how my pendulum instruments work, and then the process I use to compose for them.

The mallets for these instruments are made from thin pine dowels (pendulums) and are set in motion using subsonic freqencies stored on a CD, computer or mp3 player, and transferred to the pendulums using the following sequence of connections:

Compositions for installations, recordings or concert performances involves:

Compositions are created using a multitrack editor. I use Mark of the Unicorn's AudioDesk. The piece above is a representation of a work for the Vertical Pendulyre and Bubbles created for the Glenn and Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro, Oregon in August of 2007.

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