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Score Notes

 * Matrix (graphic below) reading pattern. Start by reading A over->; then A-up; then A <-over; then A-down; then B-up; then B over->; then B<-over; and then B-down.

1. This reading of the matrix will create 96 files, the maximum allowed by DVD players in a single folder, for a total of 1.3 gb storage and 12 hours and 21 minutes of read time (movement of the Over'lyre pendulums).

2. Two mp3 DVDs are created using this matrix. The AB version reads the matrix and organizes the files as just described. The BA version reverses this order with the AB version played against the BA version.

3. The AB DVD disc is read by one DVD player, the BA by a second. Both are started at the same time, preferably with a remote switch. Speaker and channel orientation is not important.

** A 12 second pulse event (0-11-0 hz) occurs every 60" on Left channel, every 55" on right, coming into phase over 11 minutes, the total duration of the file.