Surface to Air
New music, video and sound sculpture by Dan Senn
Location One and Roulette Intermedium
December 5, 2005

Program . . .

Zákaz Vstupu (2005) for video. 9' (see video)

This video was commissioned by MamaPapa, producers of  KLADNO + - ZÁPORNO, a festival 
held in the once thriving industrial area of Kladno, The Czech Republic, about 50 kilometers 
from Prague. The video was shot and edited over a 24 hour period.

Nine Herz (2005) for Surface Pendulyre, Tubular Rattles, Corn Shakers, Lydes. 20'


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Sculptural instruments are controlled using subaudio frequencies in the zero to nine herz range 
with  live computer manipulations and lyde performances by the composer.

Wisconsin Air (2005) for video. 14' (see video)

An experimental video work which explores the surface of a discarded bath tub and sink as 
rediscovered in the back yard of the composer's childhood home in Watertown, Wisconsin. 

Rybanaruby (2005) for pre-recorded and live lyde instruments.  20'


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- lyde performers, Denise Senn, Frances Senn, Dan Senn

This work was composed for Rybanaruby, a popular tea room and performance space
in Prague.  Lydes are Tibetan bowl-like instruments made from found pot lids with tunings
unadjusted. In two recent performances, Portland (August) and Prague (September), 
masses of these were played through the narrow street corridors of by volunteer 
players organized into "Space Bands."  (Lyde is the Danish word for "sound.")  For this 
performance, Rybanaruby will explore the sonorities of these continuous ringing instruments 
as they combine in layers of pulsating overtones and undertones.

The Obedient Woman (2005) for video 8' (see video)

The materials in this piece were first organized for an installation at the Basin City Jail
as part of the 2003 Basin Jazz Festival where the video was projected on translucent
paper and hung in one of the darkened jail cells. This old stone structure, a western jail in the 
classic sense, had not been used as prison for 100 years. In this new variation, I have 
added printed text materials and accompanying fundamentalist christian piano and vocal
music.  It is a satirical piece which ventures close to the line, depending on the
audience--a piece which could easily be taken as an instructional video in the world just 'cross 
the leafy lawn from that discarded bath tub and sink. 

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