Artspace, Seattle
Vertical 'lyre II
September 1999
The Vertical 'lyre is a multimedia instrument using pine 
beaters set in motion by subaudio pulses received from 
speaker-pumps located beneath the instrument. The pine 
beaters, or pendulums, are balanced to effect specific 
rhythmic patterns when striking adjacent pitch lines (nylon 
line) which are tuned and amplified by threaded piezo 
microphones. The instrument is controlled using an audio 
CD containing sub-audio pulse patterns along with audible 
sounds (does not affect pendulum movement) heard within 
a stereo field, or proscenium and delimited by the left and 
right speaker-pumps. The instrument is also designed for 
a 13-inch video monitor positioned within the opening in the 
back. The hammered strings can either be amplified by the 
television speakers or external speakers.
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