Shy Anne Sound and Video Festival 2000

Sonic Circuits VII Festival

Third Event: April 22, Saturday, 8pm


Mirror Images, Paul Goodman (The Netherlands), sound alone

Left to His Own Devices, Eric Chasalow (USA) sound alone

The Field, Philip Mantione/Alysse Stepanian (USA) video and sound

Walkabout, Paul Koonce (USA) sound alone

Paint Her Ass, John Villec (USA) sound alone

David Berry/Randall Packer (USA) video and sound

Mirror of Time, Tung-Lung Lin (Taiwan) sound alone

Shuffling Defiance, Dan Senn (USA) video and sound

Screws in Their Shoes, David Mooney (USA) sound alone

Tigida Pipa, Stephen Montague (England) sound alone


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