Lillie Lou
by Dan Senn

(Sung while turning a lyde in E,
mixolydian mode)

Putting things aside,

I stepped sideways
into a room
shut off from view
to those
with the clearest
possible vision.

Once inside
I clucked (snd)
once inside
to catch
the distances

and then walked
to the far windows
where I licked the glass,
spitting immediately

With glass dust
in my mouth
I turned around
and realized
a child
had followed me
into the room.

A little girl holding
a spinning thing.

She too clucked, (snd)
and then
clicked the heals
of her shiny black shoes.

What was she doing here?

With my back
against the glass,
I slid to the floor
and then
the black haired kid
who likewise
watched me.

“What is your name?“

I spoke
just loud enough
to be heard
and she spun around,
left the room,
closing the door,
like a hour hand.

DS 122018 L08
ęDan Senn 2019