Power Coat by Dan Senn


I was about to pay
from behind
she said
"I'm over here."

I turned to see
a middle aged clerk
and said
without missing a beat
"You sure are."

She laughed
cocking her head
to one side
repeating to herself
"Yes, I sure am . . . "

she became quiet
and said
"I'm so short."

And getting shorter everyday.

"Soon I will shrink away."

She took my money
and gave me change.

I placed it
in my wallet
and said
"I was once seven feet and black."


In my power coat
as I left
through the power doors
I saw her reflection.

She was stretched over the counter.

Her hands and fingers
pointing outward.


Now she understood.

She had seen only the coat.

Stooding there
I knew
that as a boy
my heroes
were all seven feet
and black.

1987 Dan Senn

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