Air Lift, Lilt

Dan Senn

Autzen Gallery

Portland State
Jan 7-Feb 7, 2008
M-F. 9a-5p
Opening: 5-7p,
Mon, Jan 7

Installation Video (2:47)

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Dan Senn's inflatable sound sculptures at the Autzen Gallery.

Air Lift, Lilt with Traffic is an installation of eight inflatable sound sculptures. Developed from Huffa Puffa (see photo above), which is currently running at the Mayrau Museum in The Czech Republic, it uses eight airbags placed atop eight microtuned columnar pumps which are activated using subaudio frequencies. Simply put, each column is a different length. Each column is made of pvc and acts as an air pump. Fitted in the bottom of each is woofer over which subaudio and audio frequencies are played. The lowest frequencies, 0-30hz, have the effect of pumping up the airbags. Frequencies in the audible range, breathing, whistling and traffic sounds, have no effect on inflating the bags and are redundantly used to deflate them. A percussive sounds reminiscent of helicoptors, occur as the columns are oscillated (pumped) in the low frequency range. The bags rise and fall continuously as they inflate and deflate in a sonic environment of clicking, breathing, whistling and Portland traffic.

The score for Air Lift, Lilt with Traffic is a through composed, algorithmically re-arranged composition comprised of subaudible and audible frequencies stored on a digital divice. The piece cycles every 75 minutes and is best appreciated over an extended period of time. Hours. Days.