"Huffa Puffa" by Dan Senn

An installation of kinetic sound sculpture at Hornicky Skanzen Mayrau in Kladno, The Czech Republic. Opening: September 8, 2007 at 2pm

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"Huffa Puffa," (see event catalog) an installation of kinetic sound sculpture by the American interdisciplinary artist Dan Senn, is positioned in the Change Room of the old Mayrau Mine in Kladno which is now a museum. The work consists of 8 plastic bags inflated and deflated using a sonic score comprised of low and sub-audible frequencies accompanied by the sound of the human breath. Using subwoofers to energize air pumps designed by the artist, sine waves, in the 4-31hz range, inflate 20 kilo gabs which rise and fall, grow taut and sag, like the gasping-resting lungs of a Czech miner. Enhancing the visual, the overall sound is that of breathing, rhythmic clicking, and phased buzzing of the air pumps, all of which is panned throughout the installation space. The score, like many of Senn's installation pieces, is composed as a 17 minute musical composition, which is then permuted to create variations lasting a total of 68 minutes. This is used to produce a database of sound-inflation gestures which are sampled randomly or played sequentially for installations.

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